Neighborhood Kitchen

Utilizing the freshest ingredients, we focus on providing healthy and varied options for workday lunches and wholesome family dinners.

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Morning. Lunch. Dinner.

We offer everything from morning coffee, to your work-from-home lunch, to an afternoon happy hour drink, to a family meal at home. Fresh, honest, convenient, and delicious food. 

We are cooking with fresh vegetables, Vital Farms Eggs, and Mary’s Chicken. Soups, sauces, and dressings are all made in-house using high-quality olive oil and sea salt. We never add sugar.

Our menu is gluten-free with the exception of our delightful Acme breads and some morning pastries. All of our deli sides are vegan. Patatas Kitchen, your neighborhood café, all-day deli and weeknight dinner solution. 



Monday - Friday
8 am to 7 pm

Centrally located in beautiful Emeryville, our space features a lovely outdoor patio that is stroller and wheelchair accessible.

Yes, you can use our wi-fi! Indoor and outdoor seating available.